iSmart Inventory

iSmart Inventory is a complete inventory tracking software and perfect for warehouse inventory management. iSmart Inventory consists of Sales, Purchasing and Inventory modules to cover all the inventory process flows. iSmart Inventory is designed for SME's to prepare sales invoice, vendor invoice and to control inventory, account receivable and payable. User friendly interface minimize learning time.

  • Up-to-date information of store sales and inventory.
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Other items deemed important by the business owner.
  • What inventory items are up for re-purchase?
  • Valuable Customers
  • Current receivables.
  • Productenquiry

It can be used by any kind of retail store, be it a convenience store, a boutique, apparel store, a pharmacy, a hardware store, general merchandise store, grocery, a supermarket -- any kind -- as long as you are selling something the iSmart Inventory will make your operation run smoother, your store business data is in one place. Our program is designed to make things simple and to organize your store operations. It is fast and accurate. It is Easy to Install, Easy to Learn and Easy to Use. In today's competitive environment, retailers and business owners must focus on:

For the above key focus areas, iSmart Inventory has the management reports that easily let the business owner know such information in real time, print the important reports, and pick many more management reports available in the system that matters to the owner.



  • Single user and multi-user available.
  • Multiple Warehouses for a company.
  • Multiple workstation configurations.
  • User selectable decimal places for inventory units.
  • Password protection.
  • Screen and report permissions by user or group.
  • Popup messages translation
  • Screens and reports customizations.
  • Add-in functions, reports, and forms technology.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML, and text functionality.
  • Copy to New company function.
  • Company backups.
  • Restore Last function.
  • Restore any function.