iSmart Campus Management System

Ismart Campus Managementâ„¢ is a desktop based comprehensive software application that spans across each and every academic and administrative aspect of any school/college or any other educational institution.

Its user-friendly interface allows one to get started immediately upon installation without any frills. The system can be operated over a LAN network where the users of the network can share data over the network.

  • Student Fee Management
  • Student & Staff Attendance
  • Export to Excel & PDF
  • Exams & Result Management
  • SMS
  • Visitor's management
  • Accounts
  • Reports
  • Student Fee Management module allows you to customize flexible and robust fee structures effortlessly. Create different type of fee structure for students of all streams and grades with Fee Concessions. Generate Customized reports of Fee Collection, Accounts, and Pending Fee. It also allows you to send fee alerts instantly.
  • Student & Staff Attendance module can be used for marking attendance of students and staff members with full automation. Can be integrated with Bio metric System. Student absence report can be sent to parent via SMS. You can generate customized reports of absentees School-wise and Class-wise depending on your choice.
  • Export to Excel & PDF feature allows easy downloads of students or staff records in desired formats and share files through emails.
  • Exam   Result Management allows user to set different standards and allocate the same in the exams. It gives you the facility of defining various types of exams. You can manually enter the marks of the examin different subjects and carryout automatic generation of report cards.
  • SMS Feature in this module can be used to send SMS's to parents regarding exam results, absentees' attendance, Holidays, Birthdays, and Fee Dues etc .
  • Visitor's management module enables the front desk system operator to track the name of the Visitor, purpose of visit and hence they can generate Access pass to enter into premises. Thereafter,a report can be on visitor generatedon visitor details. Like who visited on which date and time of visit etc.
  • Accounts Module is completely related to finance. It highlights all the financial transactions pertaining to tuition fee, books fee etc., Bills Payable, Bills Receivable etc.This module is linked tothe General Ledger appropriately allowing accountants full transparency &visibility through the school finances by adequate reporting.
  • Report Management module lets users create different types of customized reports like administrative, management etc. Some of the reports that can generated using this module are Fee Collection, Fee Due, Attendance, Marks, Progress Report Card, and Accounts etc.



  • Student Admission Enquiry
  • Import Student Data from Excel
  • Customize fields for Student Records
  • User Access by Roles
  • Multiple Branches Support
  • Various types of FEE SETUP for Students
  • Printable Fee Receipt Generation
  • Fee Concession can be applied as the case may be
  • One-Click view of Student Records (Attendance, Marks, Fee etc.)
  • Student's Progress Report Cards generation
  • Can maintain & view Alumni record database
  • Generation of Transfer Certificates for School Leaving Students
  • Attendance of Students & Staff (Captured via Bio-metric System and imported into the database)Attendance For Students & Staff (can Be import from biometric data)
  • Accounts are integrated ( Ledger cash, Expenses, Income statement, Income fee, Sale, Product/ Stock, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Accounts Details, Deposits/ Withdraw, Cash Transfer)
  • SMS can be sent for Marks, Attendance, Fee Due, Birthday SMS, and General Etc...
  • Issue Bonafide Certificate
  • Visitors list can be maintained
  • Student Permissions on Fee, uniform etc.
  • Reports Generation for Daily Fee Collection, Fee due List, Student Wise Fee Collection, Student Details, Student Marks etc.


  • Zero redundancy in managing the institutions records
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Dynamic-generation of reports with Customized report view
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • Designed for unproblematic scalability
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes
  • Minimal data redundancy
  • Saves valuable time
  • Very easy to implement
  • Increases profitability & efficiency
  • Maintain records records pertaining to Admission, Fees Transactions
  • Define your own fee structure
  • SMS Message Broadcasting integrated with Student as well as Staff Module